desktop publishing

Desktop publishing

Amberken offers a wide range of multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) services, including book formats, user manuals, technical documents, promotional leaflets, online documentation and training materials for format adjustment and graphic design.

Similarly, Amberken has extensive expertise in single source file layout and almost all desktop publishing software (PC and Mac), such as:


Types of Multilingual DTP

Multilingual Desktop Publishing services are made up of many different elements, which can be adapted to suit the source material and goals. Amberken works with a range of software and experts to provide the services that you need, from the beginning of the process to the end.

    Post-DTP checks

    The original material that you’re wanting to adopt should be checked before you start on a translation and DTP process. This ensures that your final product meets all your needs and is consistent throughout the brand.

    Working with mark-up languages

    Online documents are an important part of communication today due to their accessibility and digital format. Through working with mark-up languages, Amberken can ensure the whole of your online presence, in any language, is published in a way that you love.

    Font management

    To create a unified brand, you want your multilingual content to have the same tone and style throughout and part of this is the font that you use, it should be the same across all your offerings.

    Formatting and page layout

    Changing the language of text impacts its length and format and in order to ensure it flows as well as the original, materials will need to be reformatted to create a page layout that both considers the source and its purpose.

    Creating translated material in multiple platforms

    In today’s interconnected world, it’s often necessary to have business materials in multiple formats, giving you more flexibility when you use the content. We’re able to deliver the new material to you in a range of formats by converting the end product.

    Creating and editing graphics

    Graphics, screenshots, illustrations, and diagrams can play a big role in content. And while some may be fine to use across content that is being translated others will need to be edited to reflect the new language and audience.

    Certified Quality Assurance

    In Amberken's genes, quality assurance is a vital step in any project and that’s why it’s always part of our process. We’ll ensure that your completed project, reflects the source material and engages with your intended audience in a way that speaks to them.

    Here at Amberken, flexibility is key and we’re able to provide you with multilingual desktop publishing services to meet your needs.

    It’s not just the software we use that’s flexible either. We’re able to provide your content in a way that suits you, making it accessible and fit for your purpose. Our content can be delivered in the following formats:

    • AI
    • EPS
    • PDF
    • Video
    • Flash
    • PPT
    • XLS
    • Word
    • JPG

    Meeting Deadlines & Rush Service

    Amberken’s philosophy of “always available” service means we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide urgent estimates for any document translation service or to take on new projects. We understand that in certain situations, documents may require immediate attention and an expedited turnaround. Amberken’s vast network of expert translators means we can provide rush document translation services anywhere in the world and meet almost any deadline—no matter how tight.