Creative translation

Working with brands and agencies as a creative language partner


Transcreation is most effective for projects like:

Consumer Products

Travel & Leisure

Website & Game localization


Multi-country/regional Campaigns

Video Content


Why we need transcreation?

It’s easy to think that translation is enough. But because so much of successful marketing is rooted in cultural context, societal mores and background information, a word-for-word translation of any creative content may not be enough to resonate with the audience. Amberken's transcreation enables the same great creative concept to be adapted and improved for use in different international locales.

Transcreation is the process of recreating precise brand content for a target language to effectively preserve its creative and emotional intent while making it resonate in other languages and cultures. Especially for Marketing and Advertising, it is because:

In these fields, localisation alone isn’t enough to get a message across with an effective impact on a target audience from another culture.

As international marketing strategies become more and more commonplace, the necessity to overcome the problems the linguistic and cultural barriers cause rises. Similarly, ever increasing competition makes it necessary for companies to stand out by demonstrating particular interest in the target audience. The growing emotional marketing trend also invites advertisers to appeal to specific cultural references that will reach a particular audience more effectively.

A local adaptation of a global marketing strategy also allows for more flexibility and hence greater efficiency.

Transcreation price

Below you will find the difference between Translation, Localization, Transcreation and Copywriting. As for translation and localization, we usually quote by word/character or line, but for transcreation and copywriting, we prefer to quote by hour or by project in order to reflect our workload correctly.



- Rigid
- Closely follows source. Focused on consistency and conciseness (i.e. Generic User Manual)
- Benefits from CAT/MT
- Cost effective, large volume, fast turnaround
- Per word/character/line = $
- Adaptive
- Mostly follows source. Uses syntax/terminology adapted to a specific zone/culture (i.e. Simplified Chinese for China and Singapore)
- May benefit from CAT
- Average cost, medium to large volume, average turnaround
- Per word/character/line = $$



- Semi-creative
- Lightly follows source. Written to meet business objectives for a specific market (i.e. Hospitality).
- Limited benefit from CAT
- Higher cost, small to medium volume, longer turnaround
- Per hour = $$$
- Creative
- Generates and expands on new ideas for a specific audience (i.e. Adventure-seekers under 30)
- No benefit from CAT
- Much higher cost, very small to medium volume, much longer turnaround
- Per project = $$$$

How does transcreation work?

The process can start right at the beginning of a project, simultaneously with the development of the global strategy. It can also take place afterwards, at the product exportation phase, in adapting the existing strategy. Transcreation work takes place in close collaboration with the advertiser. The adaptation thus adheres as closely as possible to the strategy defined by the company.

Transcreators must perfectly understand the source message, its intent and its intended effect. They must convey each of these elements with optimal efficiency in the target culture. This is why the process requires dual expertise: linguistic and cultural on one hand, and marketing on the other.

Naturally, as with localisation in general, it is better to work with on-site specialists. And Amberken lives in the target culture and know it perfectly.

There is so much more to say about transcreation! Although not yet well-recognized, it is a fast-expanding business. Its specificity makes it an essential complement to internationalisation and localisation for a product or brand image.

However, transcreation cannot be just performed by anyone. A campaign that is produced by putting qualified creative heads together in one country needs to be done by professionals holding the same level of expertise and creativity in another language as well. Most campaigns today are struggling to bring out unique campaigns, which is why most taglines have meanings hinting towards something entirely different.

If a company intends to achieve the same level of success in all countries with its products, it cannot risk using basic translation services for its campaigns at the risk of losing the creative edge.

We take a bottom-line approach to each project. Our clients consistently see increased traffic, enhanced brand loyalty and new leads thanks to our work.