September 14, 2016

Project Manager

Your assigned A&K project manager will lead all of your projects, providing a human point of contact between you and the A&K team. Over time, your project manager will become an expert on your company and its products, enabling us to serve you with ever-greater efficiency.

Your project manager:

  • Manages all aspects of your projects — including budget, the assignment of our freelance resources, calendar and quality.
  • Coordinates the internal and external staff working on your projects — including translators, proofreaders, layout formatters, linguistic leads and software engineers, among others.
  • Consults you on the use of terminology management, so that you can make the most of your existing reference materials, glossaries, style guides and translation memories.
  • Acts as an open channel for your communication with A&K, answering your queries and proactively resolving issues.
  • Consults with you on best practices and advises you on other services and the use of our tools.
  • Is dedicated to creating a smooth project workflow and excellent final products, which exceed your expectations.