As a professional multimedia translation and localization provider, A&K provides high-quality voice dubbing and voiceover localization services, including:

  • Multi-lingual professional audio dubbing: Any level of broadcasting voice dubbing device can be used, and the finalized script translation is dubbed by dubbing specialist specified by the customer.
  • Multi-lingual voice over: Our studio is good at the synchronization of voice over and video, ensuring that the localized voice is smooth and natural.
  • Multi-lingual subtitle: The source video file is based on to keep the translated subtitle consistent with the video screens and dubbing.
  • Voice script translation: The source script is translated to the target language required by the customer, and during translation, importance is attached to oral elements, which are then handed over to the relevant personnel for review and confirmation.
  • Transcription: The lingual messages in the audio or video file are transcribed to written words. All the transcription work is completed by local experienced linguists.

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