September 18, 2016

Our Visions

Amberken (A&K) uphold a sustainable business mode concept, which is helpful to ensure that a safe and reliable future is established for all the stakeholders, our shareholders, and also our employees and their partners, as well as our customers and suppliers. What we work for includes but is not limited to:

Protecting public environment:

Reduce pollutions and wastes generated during daily transportations by reducing physical offices and increasing virtual offices. We only print when absolutely required, and try to use virtual conferences and network conferences to replace face-to-face conferences, so as to reduce high-carbon travels to attend such conferences.

Maintaining business relationship:

Our principles: Respect, Transparency, Equality and Integrity. We adequately respect the existing and potential customers and suppliers, and consider them as win-win and equal partners. During transactions with suppliers and customers, we stick to the principle of integrity and trust and transparent pricing, with no hidden issues, and promise to absolutely conduct no fraud or misleading act.

Improve the sense of happiness of employees:

When defining success, we value every employee as stakeholder, and employees are our wealth. We provide all the employees with good career development opportunities, fair remunerations, attractive welfares and friendly work environment. To provide the employees with a strong sense of ownership is one of the objectives we work hard for.

Amberken ignore the pursuit of short-term benefits, but focus on long-term cooperation relationship, to ensure that in the future years there are stable and sustainable projects, and reach the target of mutual benefits with the customers, suppliers and employees!