September 18, 2016

Our Services

We are Amberken (A&K), a translation company that caters for the full lifecycle of your multilingual documentation and content. With our global team of around 2,000 translators, interpreters, localization engineers and other qualified professionals at your disposal, and led by our experienced in-house staff, we can meet all of your language needs. Amberken delivers instant Chinese translation, Japanese translation, Korean translation, Russian translation whatever your needs may be.

Need to Translate a document in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and some other SEA languages or understand a foreign language Web page in Chinese with the free Chinese translator? Our offices in Hong Kong, Frankfurt and Shen Zhen, allow us to provide you with a personalized service.

Our Services includes, and not only:

1. Document Translation

Simply speaking, document translation refers to the translation of the contents from the source language to the target language. However, as a matter of fact, translation is far more than this, it is both an art and a science. And qualified translators speaking the mother language are needed for translation, and process flows have to[…]

2. Software Localization

With a complete localization service system, A&K is able to localize products, software, applications into any language, helping customers to be successful in the world market. Our process flows can ensure that all the localized products are perfect in terms of function, language and culture. Our services include: Localization of software, help files and multimedia[…]

3. Website Globalization

A localized website is essential for companies competing in today’s global business arena to communicate with international audiences. From static HTML websites to content management systems and XML-based repositories, A&K is highly experienced in delivering localized web content, no matter what technology your website employs. A&K adapts the website localization process to fit your project’s[…]

4. Interpretation

To get your message across to a foreign audience in real time, you need to speak their language. Converting speech between two languages requires interpreters who are experienced linguists, subject matter experts, and reliable professionals. A&K’s interpreters will make sure that your audience gets the message. The process starts with an individual consultation in order[…]

5. Multilingual DTP

Making your publications available in foreign-language versions will enhance your professional image and increase your bottom line. Maintaining the visual style of the original requires expertise in multilingual desktop publishing and the ability to work in a native file environment. A&K’s multilingual DTP experts will make sure your publication looks great in any language. A&K[…]

6. Multimedia

As a professional multimedia translation and localization provider, A&K provides high-quality voice dubbing and voiceover localization services, including: Multi-lingual professional audio dubbing: Any level of broadcasting voice dubbing device can be used, and the finalized script translation is dubbed by dubbing specialist specified by the customer. Multi-lingual voice over: Our studio is good at the[…]

7. Transcreation

Mainly used by advertising and marketing professionals, it refers to the perfect transfer of the messages from one language to another language, and at the same time the intention, style and tone are kept, and such process is far beyond the scope of simple marketing translation. It requires expertise in the target markets and the[…]

8. Machine Translation

Automatic translation provides a way of instantly translating content from one language to another, whilst providing an acceptable level of quality at a lower cost than human translation.  This process represents a breakthrough for businesses, since it enables the translation of content that would normally not be translated due to the cost.  Although the translated[…]