What can you get from Amberken

Exploring Chinese business, life, languages from Taunus, Germany and Shenzhen, China.


Regardless of your questions or needs, please feel free to contact us, our staff will contact you within 6-12 hours and provide you with detailed solution according to your requirements. We look forward to traveling with you all the way


Our staff are professionals in the industry and have extensive experience. The various services provided are extremely cost-effective. When we develop our solutions, we take into account the possibilities of various risks and absolve you of any worries.


At all stages of the service, our staff is on call. If you have any requests or questions that we need to assist, whether it is within the scope of the service or additional needs, you can contact us via email, telephone, or whatsapp.


The services we provided include, but not limited:  airport transfers, charter flights, booking star hotels or specialty homestays, recommending local snacks and etc., we look forward to "travelling" with you.

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If you want to explore the Chinese market, then market research is essential. Of course, social self-media is also indispensable. And when you need it, you can also conduct a background survey on affiliates through our partners.

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Translation is core tasks for any language services provider. Amberken has been able to stand out from the crowd due to our unwavering focus on quality, service and specialisation within sectors, especially in Marketing & Hospitality translation.

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About Amberken

Amberken started business as a translation and localization services provider and later expanding our services to the information consulting and Custom Tourism services in 2016.

As your intimate partner, Amberken offers the customized tours. Whether you are a business traveler or a personal tour, we can tailor a unique route for you in China. Five-star hotels, or speciality homestays, Michelin dinners, or street snacks, just tell us your thoughts and budget, we will solve the puzzle of your choice!

Have you encountered any problems when visiting a partner company, attending an exhibition, or trying to conduct an in-depth investigation of the Chinese market? Please inquiry us first, we could provide professional market research, social media operations, booth reservations, translation services, website localization and other services.


The reasons to choose Amberken...

√ Efficient turnaround
√ Quality you can trust
√ Expert, global knowledge

All what we want is to meet the needs of our customers, make them satisfied.

Bruke Kerl

Production Manager

Thank you once again for the great jobs! Whatever you handle, you always make sure we receive a good quality translated copy. Thank you for your prompt responses and for putting your efforts and hard work into my projects.

Willam Sank

Marketing Director

Great job! Work submitted on time as promised, good English, lots of communication. Very satisfied, would recommend and will come back for any other Asian languages translation job!

Robert Beristoff

Vice President

Ken and his team - are TOP professionals!!!! And they know how to handle any customer and how to make sure they get what they want. That’s how I feel every time I have then handling my projects. It is definitely a long term relationship and even being busy as I am.