Software Localization

With a complete localization service system, A&K is able to localize products, software, applications into any language, helping customers to be successful in the world market. Our process flows can ensure that all the localized products are perfect in terms of function, language and culture. Our services include:

  • Localization of software, help files and multimedia
  • Consultation on software internationalization
  • File conversion and text extraction for optimized localization
  • Localization testing of the User Interface (UI), in cosmetic terms (resizing, correct layout) as well as linguistic and functional
  • Help file compilation, testing (functional and linguistic) and error fixing
  • Software engineering: multilingual software testing, help file compilation and bug reporting

The localization workflow A&K has developed is designed to respond flexibly to your requirements and feedback.

We offer consultation on software globalization, supporting you to streamline the localization process and save time and money by internationalizing your software.

And throughout the localization process, we keep you as involved as you wish to be via briefings, training and the creation of glossaries and style guides. We can manage the entire project from localization to testing, or just perform the tasks that you require. It’s up to you.

To receive customized information on how A&K can help you to effectively manage the localization of your software, help systems and multimedia content, contact you’re A&K account manager.

Not a A&K client yet? Please contact our Sales team directly.