Machine Translation

Automatic translation provides a way of instantly translating content from one language to another, whilst providing an acceptable level of quality at a lower cost than human translation.  This process represents a breakthrough for businesses, since it enables the translation of content that would normally not be translated due to the cost.  Although the translated text is easily understandable, it may contain syntax, spelling or grammatical errors.

Automatic translation has many applications, such as:

  1. Translation of materials for internal use.
  2. Translation of virus alerts or notifications for software programs installed on your computer.
  3. Automatic translation built into software, internal applications and chat tools to enable fluent conversations in another language.
  4. Content clarification of e-mails, web pages or any other digital content.

If you wish, A&K can provide the automatic translation service as a stand-alone service. Alternatively, if you have content that has already been translated or you wish to improve the quality of your translations, we can offer the services of our post-editing professionals who specialize in specific activity sectors.

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